Women’s Bikini Throughout History

Women’s Bikini Throughout History
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Published – 01/24/2016 12:00 pm

Women’s swimwear through all its stages: the one piece, the corset, the high waisted bikini, the bikini, the V kini and the thong bikini.

Every year, there comes a time when summer is finally here. All we can think about is taking out that famous one piece to rock out under the sun. A bikini has become one of the most popular fashion items. The funny thing is that not many people realize that the bikini didn’t reach the fashion scene until the 1940s.

Over the last 100 years, women’s swimwear has made quite the change in the fashion world. The early 20th century involved heavy garments and fast forward to 2015, we have the bikini as one of our favorite items to wear during the summertime. No matter what your style is, fashion trends will always influence women’s swimwear.

Take a look back over the years to see how different swimsuits were in 1910 compared to 2000. A lot can happen in the 100 years, including new fabrics and social changes for women’s clothing choices. Our list video gives you a look of fashion during each decade to see how much the bikini has evolved throughout the years.

Who knows, whether you like the small bikinis to a vintage classic look, this video might inspire you to go shopping for bikini season, even if it’s months away.

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