The Truth About Rose McGowan Finally Revealed

The Truth About Rose McGowan Finally Revealed
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Rose McGowan broke out in the late ’90s with hits like Scream and Charmed, but has more recently become known as one of the “Silence Breakers” who helped slay a Hollywood monster: Harvey Weinstein. What else do we know about this actress? This is the untold truth of Rose McGowan.

Rose McGowan’s parents were members of The Children of God cult, in which actors River and Joaquin Phoenix were also raised. The cult has since become infamous for allegations of child sexual abuse, according to BBC News.

Speaking with Elle in 2018, McGowan called the religious sect “patriarchal” and rife with disturbing misogyny, saying

“I would look at [the women] at a very young age, and look at [my father] and look at them, and I would just think, What? You’re worshiping that? It didn’t make any sense. I vowed never to worship a man.”

When she was 10, McGowan’s family left the cult. She told People,

“As strong as I like to think I’ve always been, I’m sure I could have been broken. I know I got out by the skin of my teeth.”

From there, McGowan landed her first job, working at a funeral home at 14 years old.

She told Elle magazine:

“That’s where I learned set decor and lighting. I’d try to get a vibe off a dead body…But looking back, I could’ve lived without seeing certain things. I’ve had a lot of trauma.”

9.3 Total Score

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