GI Show – Switch Lite, Stranger Things 3, 2019 Release Calendar

GI Show – Switch Lite, Stranger Things 3, 2019 Release Calendar
8 Total Score

Watch us cover Nintendo’s reveal of the Switch Lite, explain why Dragon Quest Builders 2 is even better than the first game, and break down Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World and Capcom’s Teppen. After some great community emails, we run down the rest of 2019’s release calendar in an intense auction-to-the-death format. Thanks for checking out the show, everybody!

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below.

4:55 – Nintendo Switch Lite
16:50 – Dragon Quest Builders 2
24:20 – Stranger Things 3
30:20 – Capcom’s Teppen
37:00 – Streets of Rogue
46:05 – Dr. Mario World
53:30 – Community emails
1:29:00 – 2019 video game release calendar auction


8 Total Score

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  1. Wow, only been up for 2 mins! Never been here so quick before….

  2. Wolfenstein Youngblood also comes out on Switch

  3. Is that Kyle of Kyle Simulator fame!?

  4. Reply
    Kasey Stocstill 07/11/2019 at 3:48 pm

    The shaved head looks good Leo

  5. Suriel crushed you guys on the auction game.

  6. I’m here for Dan Tack and to complain about the Switch Lite.

  7. i would buy a black hoodie with an older magazine cover screened on the front OR screened on the back w/ a GI logo on the front upper corner. 300 cover art would work too

  8. “We’ve never done this before in the history of the podcast but can I kiss you?” – Ben Hanson to Ben Reeves 2019💋💋

  9. Reply
    Liquid Ocelot41 07/11/2019 at 9:38 pm

    I want the super replay shirts in the gameinformer store.

  10. Ben Hanson – Yes I would buy merch, yes I would buy a nice clean logo’d shirt, and yes I would buy deep-cut GI inside joke shirts

  11. Can we get a “Hey, that’s pretty cool!” T-shirt with a small GI logo at the back?

  12. Dan Tack (Rowdy and Rural!) and Leo V (You can’t spell LOVE without Leo V) merchandise

  13. I know what I will be playing in 6 months, the games I bought last year

  14. They should bring out a Switch model that can play all my PS4 games

  15. Super Replay Shirts or “Tacktics with Dan Tack” in dark souls font

  16. a tshirt where the front says, “anything that makes the show better” and the back says “[email protected]

  17. I thought the yellow pins were for e-mail of the year. Explain yourself!

  18. Reply
    Jordan Holmdahl 07/15/2019 at 6:43 pm

    I also own a sword. Several, actually. A scimitar and two sabers. Plus two pike heads, and a WWII era bayonet…

  19. I’d totally bid 15 original Pokèmon Card Collecting Game coins to play Death Stranding, even if it ends up being an absolute mess I really want to see what the hell it is

  20. Leo Vader looks like Max Payne, but sounds like a straight Elmer Fudd. I dig it.

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