The Truth About The Obama Sisters’ Lives After The White House


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Malia and Sasha Obama pretty much grew up in the White House.

Sasha was 7 and Malia was 10 when their father took office. They spent the majority of their teen years wandering around the historic hallways and getting into a surprisingly small amount of trouble. Since moving out, the Obamas have decided to stick around Washington, and the girls have done their best to adjust to normal life. Here’s a quick look at what we know about their lives post-White House

Sasha achieved every kids’ dream when the Obamas moved out of the White House in early 2017 — she scored the best room in the the family’s new house. In an interview on Ellen, former First Lady Michelle Obama dished on her daughter’s new digs, which has the former president pretty darn jealous.

Sasha doesn’t just have a bedroom — she basically has her own one-bedroom apartment! There’s a separate living room area attached to her bedroom that Michelle describes as “all decked out.”

Barack, on the other hand, is trying to squeeze into his tiny office, the smallest room in the house. According to Michelle, he doesn’t have enough closet space and is really “hating on” Sasha because of her sweet suite. If your parents are jealous of your living space, you know you’ve got it good.

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