3 Jokes That Will Take Control Of Any Situation

3 Jokes That Will Take Control Of Any Situation
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Very few people can control a conversation better than a comedian. They have arsenals of jokes that put rude people in their place and redirect the flow of conversation. Even when there isn’t a conflict, when a joke lands and everybody laughs – there is a period of space where you can redirect the conversation wherever you like.

In this video we are going to look at 3 specific types of jokes that Russell Brand uses to masterfully control a confrontation on MSNBC. We’re also going to see how you can use these same jokes to confidently steer conversation in your own life.


0:41 – Joke #1: Unpointed wit.
2:38 – Joke #2: Purposeful misinterpretation.
4:20 – Joke #3: Sarcasm.

7.3 Total Score

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