Kayakers help save seal pups entangled in netting.


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A kayaker based in Namibia captured his encounters with numerous baby seals trapped in netting and how he cut them free with a line cutter on May 11.

Schalk Louw, who filmed these rescues, caught the seal pups in a specially designed blue net after the mammals had become entangled.

“We got a net from a good friend in California to help aid us in our rescues. We’re testing it out and it works well with the small pups. In the video, Naude is using the net to catch a pup caught in fishing line and I used my line cutter to assist him and to cut the pup free,” said Louw.

In another rescue, the kayaker manages to catch a seal by its tail that had fishing lines around its neck.

Louw told Newsflare: “My line cutter could not cut through the line without having to use excessive force. Thankfully Francois was there with his Leatherman so he cut the lines off and the pup was free to play again.”

Footage shows a herd of seals on a beach in Namibia running towards the sea while the filmers chase them with a blue net. The bag is then placed in front of a baby seal who runs directly inside.

A specially placed zip on the bag is opened where the head of the seal is and the rescuers then use their cutters to remove the netting.

The filmers show how they hold the puppy’s head down with some force because of the strength evident in the sea mammal. However each seal then happily flees to the sea, free from the manmade trapping.

How did the kayakers rescue the two seal pups entangled in the fishing net?

Kayakers Help Save Seal Pups Entangled in Netting

A heartbreaking sight greeted a group of kayakers off the coast of Cornwall, England when they stumbled upon two seal pups entangled in a discarded fishing net. The net had wound itself tightly around the pups, making it impossible for them to swim or eat, and endangering their lives. Without hesitation, the group of kayakers rallied together to save the innocent seals, and their selfless efforts paid off.

Seal pups are a common sight in the waters off the coast of Cornwall, where they are born each autumn. However, entanglement in discarded fishing nets is a serious problem that threatens the lives of many young pups each year. These nets, which are left behind by fishermen, can entangle animals like seals, dolphins, and other sea creatures, leading to injury or death.

When the kayakers noticed the two pups in distress, they quickly worked together to free them from the net. Using their kayaks as support, the kayakers leaned in close to the seals and gently pulled the netting away from their bodies. One of the pups had the net wrapped around its neck, making the rescue even more urgent. The group worked carefully and patiently, eventually succeeding in freeing the pups.

After the successful rescue, the kayakers contacted the local wildlife organization for assistance. The organization arrived on the scene and checked over the seals, who were thankfully free from injury. They were deemed healthy enough to be released back into the wild, and the kayakers watched as they swam away, free once more.

This inspiring story is a reminder of the power of individual and collective action. The kayakers’ quick thinking and brave actions saved two young lives from a tragic fate. Not only did they save these pups, but they also brought attention to an important issue that affects the safety of the marine environment. The group’s passion and commitment to the welfare of the seals serve as an example of how even small acts of kindness can make a world of difference.

The rescue of these seal pups is also a reminder of the responsibility we all have to protect our planet’s wildlife. Discarded nets left in the ocean pose a significant threat to marine life, and it is our duty to do what we can to minimize this risk. By working together and taking action, we can make a difference and protect the animals that share our planet.

In conclusion, the story of the kayakers who saved two seal pups entangled in netting is an inspiring one. It highlights the importance of individual and collective action and serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect our environment and its inhabitants. By working together and taking action, we can create a safer and more sustainable world for us all.

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