Gordon Ramsay Attempts To Make Fish & Chips at Home in 10 Minutes


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This week on Ramsay in 10 Live, Gordon tackled a British Classic….Fish & Chips.

Simple and easy to do at home, As he and the Ramsay family #StayHome, Gordon shows you how to make this Classic by Shallow Frying but can he get it done in 10 Minutes?

What is the importance of tartar sauce when serving fish and chips?

Gordon Ramsay, the world-renowned chef, known for his precision and perfection, recently attempted to make fish and chips at home in just 10 minutes. Now, this might sound like an incredible feat, given that fish and chips is a go-to culinary delight in the UK, but if there’s anyone who can make it happen, it’s Ramsay.

Fish and chips are quintessentially British, with a crispy golden batter and succulent fish, served alongside chunky fries. This dish has become an emblem of British culture worldwide, and many credit the country’s longstanding sea-faring history for its emergence. However, making fish and chips is a precise art, and getting all the elements right can be a time-consuming process.

In his attempt to make fish and chips at home in just 10 minutes, Ramsay started by preheating the oven and filling a pan with oil. The key to getting the fish right is choosing a firm, mild-tasting white fish, such as cod or haddock, and ensuring that it is dry before dipping it in the batter. Ramsay recommends using a mixture of flour, salt, and beer to create the batter, whisking it until smooth.

Once the batter is ready, Ramsay dipped the fish in it and put it into the hot oil. He suggests frying the fish for about two to three minutes on each side until the batter is golden and crispy. At this point, he placed the fries in the oven to cook for a few minutes.

With the fish and the fries ready, Ramsay moved on to the tartar sauce. He mixed mayonnaise, capers, lemon juice, and parsley together to create an accompanying sauce that would complement the fish and chips. Ramsay plated up the masterpiece, and it was ready to be tasted.

The result? Ramsay’s homemade fish and chips looked and tasted delightful, but not without some inevitable flaws. Ramsay acknowledged that the fish was not perfect, with a slightly-too-thick batter, but explained that the recipe is only just a starting point. “I’m happy with it,” he said.

In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay’s attempt to make fish and chips at home in just 10 minutes showed that it can be achieved, even by the most renowned chefs. However, it requires precision, timing, and a keen eye for detail. Anybody who wants to tackle this dish at home will need to be patient and aware that perfection may not come on the first try. Nonetheless, with Gordon Ramsay’s guidance, fish and chips lovers all over the world can attempt to make this iconic dish at home, with their own twist.

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