Tiger King’s Stars Real Life After Netflix

Tiger King’s Stars Real Life After Netflix
Published - 04/09/2020 7:55 pm

Once The Show Ended, Some Things Took A Turn In A Different Direction.

We all know that Tiger King was a truly wild ride, but the Netflix series definitely left us on a cliffhanger! But don’t worry, because we’ll catch you up with all of your favorite stars from the show as well as the characters you couldn’t stand!

When we last saw Joe Exotic, he was serving out his decades long prison sentence but is his latest husband Dillon Passage was waiting for him to become free or has he already moved on?

– His ex-husband John Finlay’s life has gone in a totally different direction since filming ended and you might not even recognize him now!

– The show teased that Doc Antle’s facility had been raided and we’ll let you know what evidence the police were looking for and whether or not they found it!

– Carole Baskin was quite the character on the show but the series ended up relaunching a real life investigation into the disappearance of her former husband.

– Rick Kirkham’s work went up in flames but it seems like things have improved for him since he left the GW Zoo.

– Jeff Lowe isn’t happy about how he came across on the show and some fans aren’t happy about the treatment of the big cats left in his care.

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