Reporters Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

Reporters Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds
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Published – 03/29/2020 1:00 am

These journalists went viral for all the wrong reasons and then some of them got sent straight to the unemployment line.

Whether it was because of professional or personal snafus, these are the reporters who ruined their careers in a matter of seconds.

Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez found herself embroiled in controversy following Kobe Bryant’s tragic death in 2020 when she tweeted a link to a 2016 story from the Daily Beast that outlined the felony assault charges leveled at the basketball player in 2003. Though Sonmez was hardly the first person to bring up Bryant’s darker past following his death, she was the one who paid the price.

Sonmez, who is a survivor of assault herself, received an email from Post executive editor Martin Baron criticizing her since-deleted tweets, which urged her followers to remember public figures in, quote, “their totality.” Shortly after, Sonmez was instructed by the paper’s managing editor, Tracy Grant, to delete the tweets per the organization’s security policy, and she was placed on paid administrative leave.

After outrage from some 300 Post co-workers who didn’t approve of the paper’s decision, Sonmez was reinstated, although Grant still maintained that the tweets were “ill-timed.” While Sonmez’s career is intact for now, she had to endure death threats and harassment.

Watch the video to see more Reporters Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds!

Felicia Sonmez | 0:16
Aaron Calvin | 1:18
Jessica Kwong | 2:36
Angel Cardenas | 3:40
Alison Morris | 4:47
Colleen Campbell | 5:51
Megyn Kelly | 7:03
Lydia Cumming | 7:47
Jim Bunner | 8:53
Scarlett Fakhar | 9:58

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