Tragic Details About Kelly Preston Revealed

Tragic Details About Kelly Preston Revealed
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She enjoyed big-screen fame and had a nearly unheard of 30-year Hollywood marriage with her teen crush John Travolta. But this bubbly star suffered through things most of us couldn’t even imagine. Here are a few of the tragic details about the late Kelly Preston.

Before her marriage to Travolta, Preston had a few leading men in her life. She had what Mirror described as an “intense love affair” with George Clooney in the late ’80s, before moving on to Charlie Sheen. They were briefly engaged, but the relationship ended suddenly, and for a long time, there was speculation that Sheen accidentally shot Preston in the arm.

According to Newsweek, Preston received stitches after the incident and sold her engagement ring. The details about exactly what happened plagued Preston for two decades since both she and Sheen never spoke publicly about the alleged shooting. But in a now-deleted video, Preston laughed off the incident to TMZ in 2011 explaining that the whole thing was, quote, “a complete accident.” In 2016, Sheen told his version of the story, that Preston injured herself when she accidentally fired his gun.

Sheen told a crowd in Vancouver during his My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour that he was making coffee in the kitchen when he heard a gunshot go off in the upstairs bathroom. He said,

“I thought, ‘She did it, she finally f—ing did it. She killed herself and they’re going to f—ing blame me.'”

According to Sheen, Preston moved his pants and his “revolver” fell out of a pocket and, quote,

“Shot a bullet right between her legs…[She was] hit with shrapnel from the toilet bowl.”

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