Why Jamie Lee Curtis Considers Herself As A ‘Swiftie’ | American Music Awards 2019


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Jamie Lee Curtis told ET why she loves Taylor Swift.

She was on the red carpet at the 2019 American Music Awards, which aired Sunday, Nov. 24 on ABC.

How long has Jamie Lee Curtis been following Taylor Swift’s career?

At the 47th American Music Awards held on November 24, 2019, Jamie Lee Curtis made an appearance on the red carpet expressing herself as a proud “Swiftie”, referring to her love and admiration for American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Jamie Lee Curtis is an acclaimed actress and author, known for her work in Hollywood movies like Halloween and Knives Out. However, what many people may not know is that Jamie Lee Curtis is a passionate fan of Taylor Swift, which she proudly admitted during the AMA.

In an interview with Billboard, Curtis explained the reasons for her admiration for Taylor Swift. She stated that she loved Taylor’s music and the messages that she portrays through her lyrics. Moreover, she admires Taylor’s ability to connect with her fans and touch their hearts with her music. Jamie Lee Curtis has been following Taylor’s career since her early days and has always been an ardent supporter of her music.

It’s not surprising that Jamie Lee Curtis considers herself a Swiftie, as Taylor Swift has been a significant influence on the pop music scene for over a decade. Taylor’s music has received critical acclaim and has won her numerous awards for her work as a singer-songwriter. Her music has been an inspiration to millions worldwide, and her fans have come to be known as “Swifties,” who are devoted to her and respect her music.

Taylor Swift’s album “Lover” released in August 2019, was a project that Jamie Lee Curtis was eagerly waiting for. She praised the album for its meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes, which captured the essence and spirit of Taylor’s music.

In conclusion, Jamie Lee Curtis’s fandom for Taylor Swift is no secret. She considers herself a proud “Swiftie” and is not afraid to show it. Her love for Taylor’s music is based on the deep connection she makes with fans through her music and the emotional value of her lyrics. Jamie Lee Curtis is a true fan of Taylor Swift’s music, and her credentials speak for themselves.

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