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A Christmas Story – 25 Behind the Scenes Facts

A Christmas Story – 25 Behind the Scenes Facts
Published - 12/10/2018 10:42 pm

– Peter Billingsley was actually 12 years old during filming, but in the DVD audio commentary he mentioned he was 13, so that number was used in good faith that Peter would remember his own age correctly.

– All exterior shots of the house were filmed in Cleveland, but it should be noted that some other exterior scenes were filmed on location in Canada. The script originally stated that the fact applied to the house scenes, but the phrase “at the house” was removed during the editing process without realizing the misleading nature of the omission.

– The word “mall” was used out of habit due to the cultural association in America with Santas and shopping malls, but to be more accurate they filmed the Santa scene at an old department store called Higbee’s.



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