WTF Happened to VAL KILMER?

WTF Happened to VAL KILMER?
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Published – 04/24/2020 1:44 pm

In this episode we look at the career of the Iceman himself, Val Kilmer!

Kilmer broke onto the scene with the comedy flicks TOP SECRET! (see our Best Movie You Never Saw of that HERE) and REAL GENIUS before taking flight with Tony Scott’s TOP GUN. From there, Kilmer took up the sword as Madmartigan in WILLOW before landing a stream of great roles throughout the 90s, including THE DOORS, THUNDERHEART, TOMBSTONE, BATMAN FOREVER, HEAT, THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS and THE SAINT. While he never had another era as strong as that, Kilmer dipped in and out with some really solid work, including the criminally underrated THE SALTON SEA, WONDERLAND, SPARTAN and of course, KISS KISS, BANG BANG. From there, things got a little hazy for Kilmer and his health took a turn for the worse. He popped up here and there, working with TOP GUN’s Tony Scott again in DEJA VU, started playing Mark Twain on stage, did some voice-over work, some TV appearances and even made a lesser-known flick with Francis Ford Coppola called TWIXT. While not everything he’s done in his later years is as strong, credit is due to Kilmer for remaining a consummate professional in his craft and fighting through his own health scares to continue doing what he loves, even getting a return to the franchise that started it all for him, TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Here’s to you, Val Kilmer…you can be our wingman anytime!

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