Comedian Drew Lynch Deals With Aggressive Drunk Guy


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Comedian Drew Lynch

Watch as he deals with an aggressive drunk guy.
“I went off the rails a bit…”

What is comedian Drew Lynch known for in the comedy scene?

Comedian Drew Lynch Deals with Aggressive Drunk Guy

Comedian Drew Lynch is known for his quick wit and impeccable timing, which he put to the test recently when dealing with an aggressive drunk guy in the audience of one of his shows.

During his performance at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, California, Lynch was interrupted by a rowdy audience member who had clearly had one too many. The man began shouting vulgarities and threatening to fight anyone who dared to challenge him.

Lynch, who has a stutter that he has turned into part of his comedic persona, initially tried to deflect the man’s attention by making a joke about his own speech impediment. But when the heckler refused to back down, Lynch had to take matters into his own hands.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Lynch can be seen calmly and firmly telling the man to leave the venue, saying, “You are not welcome here if you are going to be disruptive.”

The audience erupted in cheers and applause as the man was escorted out of the building, and Lynch was able to get back to his set.

Speaking to People magazine about the incident, Lynch said, “It’s a part of the job to deal with hecklers, drunk people, or anyone who is being disruptive. I don’t take it personally; I just want to make sure everyone is having a good time.”

Despite the interruption, Lynch was able to turn the situation into a memorable moment, even incorporating it into his act later in the show. And while dealing with aggressive drunk guys may not be the most glamorous part of a comedian’s job, Lynch handled it with grace and humor, proving that he truly deserves his reputation as one of the brightest stars on the comedy scene today.

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