Don’t Eat Another Costco Rotisserie Chicken Until You Watch This

Don’t Eat Another Costco Rotisserie Chicken Until You Watch This
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Even if you’re not a Costco member, you’ve no doubt heard about Costco’s rotisserie chicken. Here’s everything you need to know about them from what’s really in them, to how they stack up to competition, to what to do with it once you get it home.

The ingredient list for a Costco rotisserie chicken is actually pretty simple: a whole chicken, water, and seasonings including salt, sodium phosphate, modified food starch, potato dextrin, carrageenan, sugar, dextrose and spice extractives.

Some of those chemical-sounding words might seem unusual, but there’s nothing too terribly scary here. Sodium phosphate is an additive that helps keep meats moist and maintains freshness. Modified food starch is an additive typically used for thickening, stabilizing, or emulsifying. Potato dextrin is a thickener and a sweetener, but can also be used to enhance crispness in foods. Dextrose is a simple sugar made from corn. Carrageenan a preservative made from seaweed that, in chicken, helps to retain water is probably the most controversial ingredient here. Though it’s FDA-approved, there is some evidence to suggest that it triggers negative health effects in some.

For the most part, it seems these additives ensure maximum tenderness, and provide that always-winning combo of salty and sweet goodness. Most likely, you probably eat plenty of foods with way scarier labels that don’t taste anywhere near as good.

8.7 Total Score

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