Musicians You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In Real Life


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Musicians, especially rock stars, are well known for their outrageous personalities.

And, while some can turn off their self-absorbed, rock-n-roll personas off-stage, others are just plain rotten whether they’re shredding at the Hollywood Bowl or buying groceries. Avoid these controversial musicians at all costs.

The world of metal isn’t exactly known for subtlety or a gentle persuasion. But you may be surprised how many growling metal frontmen are thoughtful and caring people. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying is not one of those people.

In May 2013, Lambesis solicited someone to off his wife of eight years, offering a cool thousand dollars and detailed instructions on how to go about doing it. His wife, Meggan, had filed for divorce the previous year, but that’s the only nugget of speculation as to why he wanted to have the mother of his three adopted children murdered. The only problem was that the person he was enlisting to carry out this grim act was actually an undercover police officer.

He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years but ended up serving just under three, gaining release in December 2016. As for his band, well, he’s back fronting the group, who supported him during his trial and jailing. Compassionate friends? You decide.

What are some of the outrageous demands made by Mariah Carey and Marilyn Manson?

Musicians You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In Real Life

Music is one of the most influential forms of art that has the power to bring people together. It can connect individuals across the globe and evoke emotions like love, happiness, and sadness. On the other hand, music can also be a source of frustration, especially when it comes to the behavior of some musicians. From diva-like personalities to outrageous demands, there are some musicians you wouldn’t want to meet in real life. Here are a few examples.

Kanye West: Known for his outrageous antics both on and off the stage, Kanye West is one musician who can be difficult to work with. He is known for interrupting speeches, making bold statements, and demanding special treatment. From insisting on a private jet to throwing tantrums, Kanye West can be quite demanding, which can be frustrating for those working with him.

Axl Rose: The former Guns N’ Roses frontman is notorious for his incredible ego and diva-like attitude. Known for his demands for special treatment and his seemingly impossible-to-please attitude, Axl Rose can be one of the most challenging musicians to work with. He has even made headlines for starting fights with fans and his own band members.

Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey is a vocal powerhouse, no doubt, but she is also notorious for her diva-like personality. She has been known to demand things like 20 white kittens or a dressing room full of white roses. Her behavior towards other celebrities and her temper tantrums have also gained her a reputation as one of the most difficult musicians to work with.

Marilyn Manson: Known for his gothic and provocative image, Marilyn Manson has also been linked to aggressive and abusive behavior towards his bandmates and other music industry professionals. Reports suggest that he has been involved in physical altercations with band members, which has resulted in some leaving the band.

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber gained international fame as a young teen, but his behavior over the years has caused many to question his credibility. From spitting at fans to egging his neighbor’s house, Justin Bieber has been known for his rebellious behavior. His diva-like demands, such as insisting on a private jet for his pet monkey, have even led to some fans canceling their concerts.

To conclude, there are some musicians that you wouldn’t want to meet in real life due to their outrageous behavior. From divas with ridiculous demands to musicians with aggressive and abusive tendencies, the music industry has had its share of difficult personalities throughout the years. These musicians may have gained fame and fortune, but they have also gained a reputation for being difficult to work with, making it hard for their fans and colleagues to interact with them.

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