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Things Only Adults Notice In Thundercats

Things Only Adults Notice In Thundercats

ThunderCats ranks among the best cartoons of the ’80s, alongside the likes of Masters of the Universe and Transformers. You may not have noticed at the time, but ThunderCats had some truly unusual touches that read very differently to adult eyes.

ThunderCats is a bit of a sweeping epic, and it all begins with an oft-forgotten origin story. The Thundercats have to leave their doomed home planet of Thundera, and at the time, Lion-O is just a young boy. They’re also mostly undressed, by the way, but that changes quickly. Because of a long journey ahead of them, the Cats have to spend time in suspended animation on the way to their new home. When they arrive on Third Earth, young Lion-O finds that his body has grown into that of a muscular adult man, but his mind is the same.

Even though the original team includes three actual adults, Lion-O is still the team leader because he’s the hereditary “Lord of the Thundercats.” Early on, Lion-O’s immaturity and naivete is a story point, but before long that aspect mostly falls by the wayside. There are plenty of moments when Lion-O’s behavior makes more sense when you remember that he’s just an enormous kid, but it’s almost never made explicit after that first episode.

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