6 Reasons You’ve Been Drinking Water Wrong


Published – 01/14/2019 5:00 pm

How much water should you drink?

All humans need water to survive. In fact, two-thirds of your body is comprised of the stuff. While drinking water is undoubtedly part of your daily diet, there are ways it can actually be harmful. You may be drinking it incorrectly all the time without even knowing it.

Do you drink water while you’re on the go, standing, walking, and even running? This easy habit can wreak havoc on your body! Specifically on your body’s filtration system, aka your kidneys. Do you drink water immediately after a big meal? That’s not good for your body either! So, guys, we’re going to tell you about how to get the most from your water intake!

Chugging water like there’s no tomorrow 0:41
Drinking water immediately after a big meal 2:33
Drinking ice-cold H20 3:54
Drinking water on the go 5:02
Drinking water at the end of your morning routine 6:10
Skipping a glass of water before bed 7:01

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– According to Dr. Leonard Smith, a gastrointestinal, vascular, and general surgeon, slowly sipping 2 to 3 oz of water at a time throughout your day should do the trick.
– If you’re really thirsty after a workout, for example, or spending time outside and feel the need to chug copious amounts of water, you can potentially die from something called hyponatremia.
– When your body starts to digest food, gastric juices work hard to break down the foods. If you drink tons of water while this is all happening, it can dilute the gastric juices and cause insulin levels to rise.
– Drinking chilled water can shrink your blood vessels and disrupt the digestion process? It can also cause you to hold on to unwanted fat since cold temperatures solidify fat in the food you eat.
– If you’re standing or walking around while you drink, you’re likely to do it faster, which, as you learned earlier, is bad for your digestion and overall health.
– Even though it might be challenging, try giving yourself a little time to sit down and sip on some water a few times a day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, it can benefit your health.
– By not drinking water first thing after waking up, even before brushing your teeth, you are depriving yourself of health benefits.
– According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002, water and other fluids can aid in the prevention of fatal coronary heart disease.
– Drinking water just before bed can help improve circulation during the night. Since heart attacks are more likely to occur in the morning, this fluid intake at night is incredibly important.

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