Highlights from the USWNT’s victory parade in New York City | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Highlights from the USWNT’s victory parade in New York City | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup
9.2 Total Score

Members of the United States women’s soccer team celebrate winning the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup with a parade through the New York City’s Canyon of Heroes. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio congratulates the team and presents them with keys to the city. U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro addresses the call for equal pay for the men’s and women’s soccer teams, among chants from the crowd. USWNT head coach Jill Ellis, co-captains Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe thank the fans. Rapinoe also endorsed Cordeiro in the pay discussions and calls for unity and less contention in society.


9.2 Total Score

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  1. Congratulations to the USWNT for winning the women’s world Cup, but it’s not possible to get paid as much as the men. Your sport just is not as profitable.

    • @nphardin ok cool. Then I (along with most Americans) can continue to not watch them and they will do well financially. Problem solved!

    • nphardin how do you know?????

    • nphardin in 2018 men brought in 6 billion and in 2019 women’s they brought 131 million look it up

    • @sphere 528 none of that evidence supported the idea of “women are unfairly paid” argument. I wanted evidence for how much the players get paid in relevance to the revenue generated.

    • @Octavio Dominguez they lost to U15 boys team but i agree.

  2. literally nobody cares this is hilarious

  3. Reply
    Pato G. Santacruz Solis 07/10/2019 at 7:25 pm

    women’s football surely deserves more than it gets, but it is not even close to what men’s football produce (in terms of money). You cant ask for equal pay when the economic margin between the two are so big.

  4. Yeaah, they win the World Cup and look at the response of the fellow country mates. Jingoism has been taken to a whole new level in the world, people call women sensitive but the dislike coloumn tells me otherwise. Assholes.

    • @MWGui jealousy of winning the WC vs. the men who lost to mexico’s B-team in the Gold cup?
      all you clowns are a bunch of Cucks!!

  5. TALENTED RELENTLESSNESS was rewarded with a championship.
    HYPNOSIS FOCUS with calm assurance.

    • yet still fake…..the women just dont have the skills……u can polish a turd but its still a turd…..

  6. Simple math people!!! If the revenue is not equal then how the hell can the pay be equal??

  7. We were fortunate to have avoided serious injuries like Marozsan and Martens were afflicted with.
    Team depth keeps that from having a strong detrimental effect, but only for so much.

  8. Nope unless they make monthly income?
    I hope they don’t
    Get this money out of the people’s taxes?
    We need to focus on responsibilities?
    Our responsibilities is to care and love
    The military Vets families
    We need to support those who really
    Give everything for the Nation

  9. I feel bad 😔 for the cleaner that have to clean 🧼 all that mess after the parade

  10. She wouldn’t rather be anywhere else, even the presidential race?!???? Hahahahahaha. Also, “we have to listen more, and talk less…”. Hahahahahahahahaha

  11. 我搭應只要殺了王靜他哥 那姦殺唐子玲的人渣 並送他到地獄
    我就借王靜宜 時光機器 借多久只有我知道

  12. Great team that I love to watch play. I’d like to remember them for that, not this be.

  13. Back to your job at Starbucks.🖕😎🖕

  14. The thumbnail looks like she’s ‘finishing the job’…

  15. Yeah the talking head idiots on the 3rd hour of the today show said that the men should be paid less. They already are. They get 7 to 9 percent of revenue, the women get 13 percent. Now it’s going to arbitration. I would laugh if they just drop women’s soccer altogether. This team will be irrelevant in a couple of weeks anyway. That’s why they are crowing right now. Time will make them fade away.

  16. Reply
    BPatMann bin BPatMan 07/11/2019 at 10:19 am

    Speaking of women’s soccer, I just heard this on Portland radio the other day:
    “Hellooooo Portland! Get ready for KBOO day at the Portland Thorns on the 19th! Women’s soccer at its finest! We’ve got 12 Thorns tickets to give away today. The third caller during the next song who can tell us the first name of the Thorns’ team captain will win four free tickets to the Thorns game on Thursday the 19th.”

    “OK, we’re back. Don’t forget that Thursday, the 19th is KBOO day at the Thorns! You can join Derek & Suzy, everyone’s favorite KBOO DJ’s, with four free – yep, I said FREE – tickets to the Thorns. Be the first caller during the next song to tell us the team captain’s name and we’ll see you at the Thorns!”

    “We’re back and remember Thursday the 19th is KBOO day at the Thorns! Be the first caller to tell us the name of the team – that’s all you have to do, just say the team’s name – and you will win four free tickets to the Thorns!”

    “OK, we’re back and don’t forget Thursday the 19th is KBOO day at the Thorns! If you’re the first caller, we’ll give you 12 free tickets and a coupon for 12 hot dogs and the beverage of your choice at Thursday’s Thorns game. So call right away.”

    “Annnnnnnnddd, we’re back! Thursday the 19th is KBOO day at the Thorns! The first caller will win 12 free tickets in the VIP area, access to the VIP lounge, free parking, a free Thorny mascot bobble head and unlimited free hot dogs and beer.”

    “I guess we’re back. Don’t miss KBOO day at the Thorns on Thursday the 19th! The first caller will win 12 free tickets in the VIP area, free parking, a free Thorny mascot bobble head and a catered steak and lobster dinner in the VIP lounge with two free bottles of wine. You don’t even really have to watch the game, you can just drink in the lounge. So call in now!”

    “OK, we’re back and we’ve got a caller! Caller No. 1, you’re on the air….”
    “Hello, this is John Watson the plumber…”
    “Congratulations John! You’ve just won 12 free tickets to the Thorns game on…”
    “Actually, I’m just calling to give you an estimate on replacing the float valve in the employee break room toilet…”
    “Great! You can pick up your tickets, parking passes and VIP lounge coupons for Thursday’s game at the…”
    “Tickets for what?”
    “Thursday’s Thorns game”
    “What’s a Thorns game?”
    “The Thorns are Portland’s premier women’s soccer team.”
    “Actually, uh, I have to work on Thursday, but I’ll be in on Friday to fix your toilet.”

    “OK, We’re back! Don’t forget, Thursday is KBOO day at the Thorns and we’ve still got 12 tickets to give away! The first caller who…..”

  17. I didn’t even knew that there is a football wordcup for women and they want equal pay.
    How about we pay male models or porn actors the same as their female counterparts too?
    These green,blue,purple, etc.haircolors must be toxic.

  18. Congratulations to Jaelene Hinkle, who received the honor of suffering rejection for the name of Jesus Christ after she refused to wear a “pride” jersey. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team won the World Cup without her, but their victory will mean nothing on Judgment Day.

    This team is a bunch of losers in my book.

  19. Megan Rapinoe is a legend in her own choose one (right). (mind).

  20. Reply
    Richard Marshall 07/11/2019 at 12:58 pm

    Why wasn’t the uber talented Jaeline Hinkle on the team? Hmmm, wouldn’t bow down to the LGBT tyranny. Rapinoe is an angry and vulgar brat. No one will remember her name in 5 years… unless we see her on the perp walk.

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