Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers This Past Decade

Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers This Past Decade
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Published – 01/17/2020 5:00 pm

The music business is a cutthroat game where an artist can be on top of the world one day, only to wake up years later as a has-been.

In the 2010s, some musicians quickly peaked, then slowly faded away in popularity or even worse, ruined their careers overnight, and were canceled by the public.

Back in 2013, Robin Thicke skyrocketed in popularity off of the song of the summer, “Blurred Lines.” He followed that up with one of the most iconic pop moments in the decade, when Miley Cyrus twerked alongside him during their performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. According to ABC News, despite the huge viral surge the moment provided, which is normally a good thing for a star, the reaction from the crowd and the home viewers ranged from shock to revulsion. And while Cyrus bore plenty of the criticism, it was worse for Thicke. See, he was married to actress Paula Patton at the time, and she allegedly didn’t take kindly to the performance.

A year later, Thicke released his album Paula. If you thought this was a sweet gesture dedicated towards his wife – not quite. The pair had already split, and the album was a desperate attempt to win her back.

Thicke threw away subtlety with tracks like “Get Her Back,” and the album received terrible reviews. Also by this point, the world pretty much collectively agreed that the lyrics of “Blurred Lines” were actually terrible since, as Rolling Stone puts it, the song is essentially about “disrespecting a woman’s boundaries.” Not only that, he also lost a multi-million-dollar lawsuit claiming the song ripped off Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” Paula went down as one of the biggest album flops of the year, and Thicke’s career has never been the same since.

Watch the video for more Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers This Past Decade!

Robin Thicke | 0:18

Tekashi 6ix9ine | 1:46
Ryan Adams | 3:03
Kodak Black | 4:41
Ameer Vann | 5:48
R. Kelly | 6:51
Nelly | 8:25
Iggy Azalea | 9:38
LMFAO | 10:55

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