Musicians Who Stormed Off Stage During Live Performances

Musicians Who Stormed Off Stage During Live Performances
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Published – 09/12/2019 11:00 am

“The Show Must Go On” is the name of a fantastic Queen song, but it can be a difficult motto for some acts to actually follow.

Sometimes bands’ concerts have technical difficulties, and other times performers have personal problems. Here are some musicians who stormed off stage during live shows.

In 1992, flaming mayhem ensued in Montreal after a concert co-headlined by Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, a band notorious for triggering riots. It all started when Metallica frontman James Hetfield was injured during a pyrotechnic mishap and had to go to the hospital. As a result, Metallica had to call it a night far earlier than planned, leaving their follow-up act with a choice to make. Guns N’ Roses could either start their set early, or make the already bummed-out crowd just wait. They chose the latter option, making the crowd wait for them for over two hours.

For whatever reason, GNR’s notoriously thorny vocalist Axl Rose just didn’t want to be there. For one, he’s rumored to have thought cities that started with the letter “M” brought “bad juju” — a fear probably reinforced by Hetfield being injured at a show in Montreal. He also reportedly had issues with the equipment, though he didn’t ask for a roadie’s help in solving his problems. Instead, after nine songs, he abruptly exited the stage, no doubt wishing someone would get him out of Canada and take him directly down to Paradise City. His bandmates were bewildered, but rightly surmised that he wouldn’t return to the stage — so they left, too.

Outraged concertgoers then tried to take out their frustrations by bringing Montreal to its knees. An estimated 10,000 people rioted by looting stores, starting fires, and overturning police cars.

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