Chanel West Coast’s Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads


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Chanel West Coast is a familiar face to those who regularly watch MTV.

Rising to fame on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, she’s since brought her infectious laugh to the comedy clip show, Ridiculousness, while actively pursuing a career in rap. This is the stunning transformation of Chanel West Coast.

Chanel West Coast grew up with glitzy dreams, in part due to spending time with her father, who was a DJ in New York. When she wasn’t with her mother in North Hollywood, her dad would bring his then eight-year-old-daughter with him as he DJ’d local clubs. West Coast wrote on her website:

“I’ve always been around music. I knew it’s what I’d do for the rest of my life. I didn’t have a choice.”

She also said in an interview with The Trend:

“I remember just dreaming of one day, my dad pulling out my record to play.”

The time the MTV darling spent with her mother was unconventional, too. According to LA Weekly, her mom would grow grass to help pay the bills. By age 11, she was immersed in a specific culture and, quote, “started listening to hip-hop and smoking weed.”

Now that West Coast has a successful career, all she ultimately wants to do is make her folks happy. The Ridiculousness starlet dished to The Trend and joked:

“I make all of my music, because I want to be successful and make [my mom] proud. She’s proud that I’m able to help her out with the bills and stuff.”

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