Wise Words From Bruce…

Wise Words From Bruce…
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“Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own”

– Bruce Lee

One of the great martial arts masters of our time shows us how it’s done.


Bruce’s ancestry was Chinese and German. His father was Chinese while his mother was of German-Chinese decent. Her mother was Chinese and her father was German.

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Nunchaku were Bruce Lee’s hand weapon of choice and when wielding a pair he was an un-defeatable force. He developed his legendary routine under the instruction of karate master Hidehiko “Hidy” Ochiai. The two men first met at the Los Angeles YMCA in the mid-1960’s.


Another claim to fame was Bruce mastered a technique called, “The One Inch Punch”. With it he could deliver a devastating body punch just with his fist just a mere inch from his target. [elfsight_youtube_gallery id=”6″]


Jeet Kune Do, also known as Way of the Intercepting Fist, was Bruce Lee’s personal martial art style. He developed it with the idea of being more flexible and practical with martial arts techniques. In doing so, he commonly considered the greatest martial artist of the 20th century.

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When he passed away on July 20, 1973 Bruce Lee was only 32 years old was 5’7″ and weighed 128 pounds. He might have been small in stature but was one of the all time greatest film stars and the most accomplished martial artist in modern history.

Bruce Lee always considered himself a martial artist first and an actor second. As a martial artist, he was way ahead of his time in developing his own style of martial arts (jeet kune do). His martial arts incorporated the most practical techniques from various combative disciplines as he moved away from the traditional and classical techniques.

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