Bad News Just Dropped For The Batman


Published – 04/21/2020 8:04 pm

Fans of the caped crusader will have to be patient as they wait to see the first attempt at a Batman movie in a post-Ben Affleck universe.

Warner Bros. announced on April 20 that it has postponed the release of The Batman, citing the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic as reason for the delay.

The Batman is the first standalone Batman film since Christopher Nolan wrapped his Christian Bale-led Dark Knight trilogy in 2012. The film stars Robert Pattinson in the title role, taking over from Affleck, who appeared as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The first solo Batman film in almost a decade was scheduled to drop in the heat of next year’s blockbuster season, on June 25, 2021. Then, well… this happened:

As has been the case with so many other TV, movie, and stage productions, the global fight against the coronavirus has delayed production on The Batman. This has, in turn, set the film back on the road to release; The Batman is now scheduled to launch on October 1, 2021.

The team behind The Batman began production on the movie in London in January. Production went on what was initially a two-week hiatus in mid-March, when the impact of the coronavirus was first becoming clear. The cast and crew have not yet resumed production, as the U.K. along with the rest of the world continues to battle the virus.

Fans seem pretty upset which is funny, considering how lukewarm the initial response to the casting of Robert Pattinson seemed to be. If you’ll recall, when details of The Batman made their way to the press, the fan reaction was swift and largely negative. Batman fanboys bristled at the idea of the former Twilight star donning the helm of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego.

Reaction stayed mixed even after director Matt Reeves shared Pattinson’s screen test in the newly built Batsuit.

Some twitter users felt that Batman hasn’t had a decent-looking Batsuit in a while R. Patz’s version most definitely included. Others countered these claims, admitting that they liked the look and were actually pretty excited.

Regardless of where you fell when it comes to “The Battison,” you’ll have to delay your final judgement, as the movie is still well over a year away from rolling out. It’s definitely nerve-racking to think about the potential consequences of delaying The Batman from its prime summer blockbuster release date to an October launch, but on the flip side, perhaps extra time to build excitement will work in the film’s favor. A few more months to think about Pattinson portraying Bruce Wayne in what Reeves has described as a thrilling, emotional, noir-inspired take on the material from Batman’s point of view could be exactly what fans on the fence need to go all in on The Batman. Keep watching the video to see the bad news just dropped for The Batman.

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