Boris Johnson replaces Theresa May as UK prime minister


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Boris Johnson

Johnson is expected to visit Queen Elizabeth II and officially become Britain’s next leader.

What are some of the key challenges facing Boris Johnson as the new prime minister of the UK?

On July 23, 2019, Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May as the prime minister of the United Kingdom, marking a new era for the British government. Johnson emerged as the clear winner in the Conservative Party leadership contest, securing 66% of the votes cast by party members.

The appointment of the former Mayor of London and Foreign Secretary to the country’s top job, comes at a crucial time for the UK. With Brexit looming, the new prime minister has the arduous task of steering the country’s exit from the European Union, whilst managing the effects of a divided party and ever-present domestic issues.

Johnson has pledged to deliver Brexit by October 31, 2019, with or without a deal, recognizing that the decision will have a significant impact on the country’s economy and global standing. He has promised to unite the country and to provide a clear plan for the future beyond Brexit, while also focusing on areas like education, healthcare, and national security.

The new prime minister’s appointment has come with a mixed response, with some welcoming his boldness and steadfastness on Brexit, while others question his leadership style and lack of detail on other policies. Johnson’s tendency to make controversial statements has also come under scrutiny, with critics pointing to some of his remarks being offensive or divisive.

Despite these challenges and reservations, Johnson is committed to delivering on his promises and has already made several key appointments, including Sajid Javid as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Priti Patel as Home Secretary. He has also announced plans to increase government spending, provide additional funds for police and schools, and invest in infrastructure.

The new prime minister faces a difficult start, confronting Brexit, party divisions, and a polarized public. However, Johnson has a track record of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, such as leading the successful ‘Vote Leave’ campaign in the EU referendum, and restoring London’s reputation as a world-class city during his time as mayor.

Only time will tell if Johnson is able to deliver on his promises and unite the United Kingdom on the road to Brexit and beyond. It is clear, however, that Boris Johnson will approach the challenges ahead with a steadfastness and determination that will shape the country’s future for years to come.

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