The Taco Master of East LA – Street Food Icons


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Based in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, people come far and wide for the tacos at family-owned Carnitas El Momo, and its beloved owner, El Momo.

The carnitas are made from pork which confit in pork lard and are made up of pork butt, stomach, and skins. These loaded tacos, topped with grilled onions and pickled vegetables, are a labor of love from El Momo, who learned how to butcher and prepare pigs in Mexico from his father before he immigrated to the United States to work as a welder. After sustaining a work injury, El Momo went back to his culinary roots and started making carnitas full time in East LA. Today, with help from son Billy, El Momo’s has won taco contests with dishes like migajas (burnt ends) tacos, and mulitas (similar to a quesadilla). El Momo’s legacy has no end in sight, and the family works hard to provide positivity and refuge for the community it serves.

What is the secret ingredient in The Taco Master’s tacos that make them so delicious?

The Taco Master of East LA – Street Food Icons

In the bustling streets of East Los Angeles lies a street food icon known as The Taco Master. This legendary food truck has been serving up scrumptious tacos for over two decades, earning a spot as one of the must-try food destinations in LA.

The Taco Master has become a go-to spot for both locals and tourists who crave authentic Mexican street food. Their secret ingredient? A concoction of spices, knowledge, and passion that has been passed down from generation to generation within the founders’ families.

At first glance, The Taco Master may look like your average food truck, but once you sink your teeth into any of their tacos, you’ll understand why they have become so renowned. From the fluffy tortillas to the perfectly seasoned meat and fresh toppings, every single element of their tacos is crafted with intention, experience, and love.

One of the most popular items on the menu is their al pastor taco. The juicy, slow-grilled pork is marinated in a blend of secret spices before it is cooked on a vertical spit. The pork is sliced off the spit and piled high onto a warm flour tortilla, topped with pineapple and cilantro, and served with a lime wedge on the side. The flavor explosion in each bite is unparalleled.

The Taco Master doesn’t just specialize in al pastor, though. Their menu also features other traditional tacos such as carnitas, asada, and pollo, all equally as delicious. And for those who prefer a more vegetarian option, they offer a flavorful grilled veggie taco as well.

Aside from the mouth-watering food, the ambiance at The Taco Master is worth experiencing. Customers can enjoy their food while standing at wooden tables decorated with colorful Mexican blankets, overlooking the bustling street scene of East LA. The atmosphere is friendly, and the staff is always happy to chat with customers, creating an environment that feels like a welcoming community.

The Taco Master of East LA is more than a street food truck. It is a symbol of the rich culture, heritage, and love that surrounds the culinary arts in Mexico. With their dedication to quality ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and unbeatable flavors, The Taco Master has earned its place as a street food icon in LA.

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