British Movie Theater Snacks Taste Test Ft. Sorted Food


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Food Taste Test 

Sorted Food joins us for a British movie theater snacks taste test.

Which candy had the best texture and flavor?

British Movie Theater Snacks Taste Test Ft. Sorted Food

Movie nights are incomplete without the quintessential snacks, and British movie theaters offer a variety of nibbles to satisfy everyone’s cravings. We teamed up with Sorted Food, the popular UK-based food media channel, to conduct a taste test of the most popular British movie theater snacks. The results were interesting and enlightening, to say the least.


Popcorn is undoubtedly the king of all movie snacks, and we tried both salted and sweet popcorn varieties. Sorted Food’s Barry Taylor commented that the salted popcorn was “mild, yet providing a nice savory flavor,” whereas the sweet popcorn was “tasty, had a good mix of salty and sugary notes, and didn’t have a fake aftertaste that some flavored popcorns have.” Overall, we all agreed that the sweet popcorn stood out, and the salty popcorn could benefit from a touch more seasoning.


Nachos, the crunchy tortilla chips served with warm melted cheese and salsa dip, also made an appearance on the tray. Sorted Food’s Ben Ebbrell remarked that the key to good nachos is the quality of the cheese sauce, and a balance of spiciness and tanginess in the salsa. We nodded in agreement as we savored the crispy nachos and delicious cheese sauce, and the chunky tomato salsa with a pleasant kick. Together, they made a satisfying and tasty combination.

Hot dogs

The highlight of any movie snack menu is the hot dog, with its juicy sausage nestled in a soft bun and topped with ketchup and mustard. Sorted Food’s Jamie Spafford pointed out that the quality of the hot dog itself makes all the difference. We tried two different hot dog varieties – one with a beef sausage and the other a vegan alternative. Although the beef sausage was tasty, we couldn’t stop raving about the vegan hot dog’s texture, flavor, and surprisingly meaty taste.


Last but not least, we indulged in a selection of candies – jelly babies, chocolate buttons, and gummy bears. Sorted Food’s Mike Huttlestone emphasized the importance of the textures of candy, and we all agreed that the gummy bears were the clear winner with their chewy and fruity flavor. The chocolate buttons were also a hit, with their smooth and creamy texture and a slight nutty taste.

Overall, our taste test showed that British movie theater snacks are a delight to the taste buds, with several iconic snacks that are unique to the UK. We recommend trying these tasty goodies alongside your next movie night, and why not make your own version at home?

In conclusion, we thank Sorted Food for partnering with us in this exciting taste test and look forward to more delicious food explorations in the future. Happy snacking!

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