The real reason why DMT is banned – The Spirit Molecule | Graham Hancock


Published – 03/18/2019 7:53 pm

An Original Word Porn Production of Graham Hancock.

Our society is absolutely designed to shut down 90% of the potential of the human creature. Why should it be the case that society is afraid of realising human potential and what it comes down to is special interests, that there are those who run things in society and that there are those who are there to kind of serve them and serve their ends and serve their needs.

And so, what our society has created is a realm of unquestioning meat robots who will perform their daily tasks without complaining and without causing any trouble, and that may be very useful to certain small interest groups but it’s extremely damaging to the rest of humanity,

Once we realise our potential we don’t need elites anymore, who needs elites – who needs to be led. This is another revelation that comes from working with psychedelics is that we do not need leaders, they are not over us telling us what to do, they may imagine that that’s what their doing but they have no right to do that.

And the moment we begin to wake up and start asking really profound questions about the nature of reality and about the society that we live in, their power is instantly diminished and I think that’s why we’ve seen such vigour and real nasty unpleasantness put into this horrible wicked thing called the war on drugs which is being used as an excuse to enter the inner sanctum of peoples lives.

See, if i’m not sovereign over my own consciousness, if I can’t make free choices about my own consciousness, if I can’t make those free choices while doing no harm to others then I am not free, in any useful or meaningful sense.

And, the moment that I free myself then I become a danger to those who run things in the world, anybody who has seen led to question the nature of things profoundly as a result of psychedelics is a danger to the status QUO.

We risk being thrown in prison, we risk having our reputations destroyed – if the powers that be enter our home and find that we’re using psychedelics, I mean this is really Orwellian World that we’ve created,

how dare some guy in a suit sitting in government tell me to what to do with my consciousnesses – while at the same time, they’re allowing the glorification and glamorisation of alcohol which is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet.

I mean alcohol is a seriously dangerous drug, whether you’re talking about cirrhosis of the liver, or whether you’re talking about traffic accidents or whether you’re talking about violence – alcohol, there’s no doubt about it nobody can dispute, is an extremely dangerous drug.

So a society that says alcohol’s okay and you can even advertise it, but psilocybin or DMT are not okay and if you use them you’ll be sent to prison, that society is just riddled through and through with unbelievable hypocrisy.

And we have to bring that out, we have to show people this is the case because what’s going on here is a fundamental abuse of human rights, we must be free to make decisions over our own consciousness always with the proviso that we do no harm to others and any government any state agency that attempts to limit our freedom over our own consciousness – is itself an agency of darkness and control.

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